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That feeling, the one that made us carve walls, induce altered state of reality, gaze at the stars, and talk for hours about philosophy is the feeling I hope will be the drive for this blog. 

Ill break this into two parts. in Part 1, ill ask a couple questions that make my brain tingle and open the discussion. Feel free to contact me on Facebook/Instagram etc. and Part 2, where ill add a link to an article/website/video etc that has really influenced me in one way or another or the I feel is actually practical philosophy. I will also add links to workouts on seeing auras/reathing exercise/ other things to get your spiritual muscles flexing.  


Part 1 Hmm?

Is there universal truth? 

Haven't we just created all these ideas within our own self created belief system?

Are there an infinite amounts of realities making truth dependent on faith and belief?


 Part 2 Check this shit out!

The Wim Hoff Method! 

Wim Hof, holder of 20 Guinness World Records for withstanding extreme temperatures. He has climbed Everest and Kilimanjaro in only shorts and shoes, stayed comfortably in ice baths for hours, and run a full marathon in the highest desert (50 degrees celsius, 122 Fahrenheit) with no water & food.

Wim is able to accomplish these feats with ease through the use of ‘The Wim Hof Method‘ — a breathing technique that allows you to control the autonomous systems of the body.

However the most earthshaking effect of the Wim Hof Method is the ability to consciously control the immune system to fight off diseases. Our immune system plays a significant role in almost all devastating diseases plaguing the modern world, and finding a way to improve it can help us discover new avenues for medicine.

Almost my favorite of what he believes is that WE AL HAVE THE POWER to remember how to breathe and to tap back into our full potential. .



Check out this link! When you subscribe to the mailing list there are 3 videos that become available which cover three topics.

1. The power of breathing 

2. Cold water therapy 

3. The benefit of commitment


I challenge you to try this out without me so that we can grow together and continue to open the discussion about whats possible. I believe we are miraculous beings in a very mystical time and space and want t see just how magic things can become!!


Thanks for taking the time to red this! Once again I don't know anything I just want to introduce some questions ideas and workout to help stimulate your Mind/Body/DOul set up. Id love feedback or would love to answer an questions you may have!


Ill be posting updates about progress etc soon!




               Peace &


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