Ralph Reign - Wizard

Astral Pastel is the album fully produced. Written, and performed by Ralph Reign. With Afro-Latino ethnic roots, an early 90’s NYC birthing, and a psychedelic west coast twist, Ralph Reign is well equipped to deliver modern grooves as well as potent no bullshit lyrics. Being largely inspired by the lives and music of Fela Kuti, Stevie Wonder, Nas, and Andre 3000. 


It seems like id be a fool to ignore the blatant gifts given to me along the road to make this album possible, and to start to converge my talents and shine them into skill. Hugely inspired by the Global Psychedelic bass scenes eclectic and free flowing nature. Pairing my hip hop roots and the psychedelic mixing abilities of the Bass scene I’m empowered to take my tracks to the next level giving me space and time to improvise and affect more than just the vocal field. 


In 2018 genres certainly still exist, however you see bits and pieces of everything scattered in the furthest corners of the sound spectrum and I’m really excited to capture some songs along the way. 


“Ralph Reign ducks out the astral plane to helm a night of jazz and funk-infused hiphop…”

         -The Stranger